The beginnings of a S’more cupcake recipe!

Hello tasty!Image

Alright, this one is TASTY.  It’s a chocolate cupcake recipe inspired by Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!

I left out the flavored extract because I didn’t have any, and I also ran out of soymilk (!!!) so I used a half cup of coconut milk (REALLY tasty replacement in cupcakes) and a half cup of almond milk.

For the frosting I based it on the peanut buttercream frosting from the same book-

HOWEVER, instead of using peanut butter, I used this stuff:


WOHHH!  This shit tastes like animal crackers!  It happened to fall into my hands, apparently sold at Aldi’s, and it even says it’s vegan on the label!  I’m sold.

I also used brown rice syrup instead of molasses, but molasses is tasty too!

Needless to say, the cupcakes turned out AWESOME, and with all the flavors, I’m going to experiment with making this a s’more cupcake, complete with ‘marshmallow’ filling!  (updates to come).

…….I’ve also been experimenting with Chick-O-Sticks (which are vegan, and taste like butterfinger!) cupcakes so stay tuned for that!


Got these sexy bitches from-

Made of “a synthetic Microfibre material used for yachting upholstery. It look[s] and fe[els] like supple leather, but [is] ‘breathable’, unlike other plastics.”

SO excited!

Homemade Soy Yogurt!

How do you make soy yogurt you ask?  Well, after inspiration from my housemates who made dairy yogurt, I did some research!  Although the LIVE  cultures in the soy yogurt are added, unlike in the dairy yogurt, I figured it shouldn’t be too hard.

Many recipes called for a yogurt maker, but I don’t have one, so I continued my search and found the website, and I loosely followed their recipe-

I found Edensoy unsweetened soymilk (6g of fat per serving, the more fatty the better), and grabbed a plain wholesoy yogurt as the starter!  (Make sure it has LIVE cultures).

2013-03-06 14.10.08

The ratio is 2 TBSP of yogurt to 3 CUPS of soymilk, and I found that the contents of the soymilk and yogurt fit nicely into two 16 oz mason jars, and one 8oz mason jar.

The ratio is a little off, but you can just divide everything evenly, mix with a spoon, and loosely cover with a cupcake paper and a rubberband.

Now, this is where many recipes call for a yogurt maker, and the one I was following said you can use the oven at 100 degrees F for ten hours, or overnight, but why use my propane stove when I have a wood stove?

2013-03-06 14.18.32

I have several room mates, so the fire is constantly being stoked in the wintertime, and it stays around the right temperature almost constantly.  I ended up setting the jars next to the stove for a full night and most of the day, but it turned out great!

2013-03-08 18.09.45

It’s very plain, and a bit sour, but I’ve been eating it with maple syrup or sliced fruit and nuts for breakfast, and it’s been sooo tasty.  There really is nothing like making your own yogurt!


Hey there!

We’ll begin with a cupcake that would make a diabetic faint just by looking at it.  Now, my baking isn’t always like this, but every once in a while, I like to outdo myself and make something that makes some people go “whaaa?  That’s vegan??  (noms)…And it’s tasty!…I’m gonna go sugar crash now…”  Pretty much just like that.  They don’t call me a sugar glider for nothing.  I love me some desserts…almost too much…

But any who, that brings me to what this photo beholds:

A cupcake-filled-with-oreo-and-peanutbutter!

I saw a photo online, and decided to veganize it!  My moment had come.

So what I did, was I took a Newman-O and spread some peanut butter on it, put another cookie on top of that, spread some more peanut butter, and then, believe it or not, I proceeded to apply another cookie on top of that!  Woh!  But then, I gingerly placed it in a cupcake tin, and carefully poured vanilla cupcake batter around and on top of it.  I baked it accordingly, and before they cooled (so they melted on a bit) I placed chocolate chips on top instead of frosting.  The filling in the cookies did dry out a little, but this experiment overall succeeded.

I have to say, I only ate two total.  I brought them to my improv class, and everyone enjoyed them more than I thought they would.  Yay!

A try worth while, but unless I’m going to a child birthday party, I don’t think I’ll make them for a while.  Holy sugar!  But it was fun while it lasted.